The Henry Euler Memorial Trust (THEMT) is a charity dedicated to the research, interpretation and presentation of Alderney’s maritime history and heritage. Alderney is the northernmost of the inhabited British Channel Islands. The Trust was launched in 2006 by Mary Euler in memory of her husband.

Our objectives

To secure and maintain the preservation, protection, development and improvement of the maritime heritage of Alderney, including features of historical and archaeological interest.

To inform, develop and maintain the interest of the inhabitants of Alderney and others in the maritime heritage of Alderney.

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Henry Euler, born 1913 in Essex, was a direct descendant of the celebrated Swiss mathematician from Basel, Leonhard Euler (1707-83) – the first great, systematic expounder of the methods of mathematical analysis. Henry’s great grandfather, Heinrich Ludwig Euler, a businessman also from Basel, moved to Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1874, and his father, Leonard Henry Euler, became a director of the new company, Euler & Co.

The Royal Navy

Henry Euler served as a Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Torpedo Officer in the fleet aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious from the date of her commission and trials in 1939, until March 1941, throughout all of the major naval operations in the Mediterranean until the carrier was severely damaged and withdrawn from service for repairs and a refit at the US Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia.

Associate Member

He returned to England, becoming an Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and successfully completing the Long Torpedo Course at HMS Vernon. He subsequently served on the light cruiser HMS Dido, followed by a short period at the Belfast Trawler Base before being reappointed to HMS Vernon for the duration of the Second World War. Prior to release from service, he received a commendation for good service from Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches.


After returning to civilian life, Henry focused on his career, becoming Director of the Saxonia Electrical Wire Company, specialising in the production of fine wires and cables for the Admiralty and War Office. Henry Euler married Mary Patricia Bracken in 1951. As a married couple, and both keen sailors, they became regular visitors to Alderney in their 7-ton yacht ‘Bonnyrigg II’, always taking a holiday flat above Ralph Duplain’s shop in Victoria Street. They later became members of the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

Mary Euler

Henry Euler died in 1971, after which Mary Euler made plans to move from Wentworth, Guildford, to take up permanent residence in Alderney in 1983. Mary retained a great enthusiasm for all things naval and nautical in connection with Alderney, taking great pride in the annual presentation of the Henry Euler Cup at the Alderney Sailing Club, and later setting up The Henry Euler Memorial Trust. Mary died in 2006. She has made a lasting contribution to the understanding and interpretation of Alderney’s maritime heritage.